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21 Delicious Camping Recipes

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One of the things I realized the first time we went camping that cooking in the outdoors was very different from being in the comfort of your own kitchen. You had to make... READ MORE

The Top 10 Gifts for Backpackers

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Whether you’re giving someone a gift for their birthday, Christmas or other events, the best gifts for backpackers are something they are likely to use. Backpacking is fun and relaxing but you need... READ MORE

What to Bring on a Day Hike

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Below is our Day Hiking Checklist. This covers some of the essentials you’ll want to bring with you. When going on these excursions you’ll want to pack light. After all, you don’t need to bring some of the extra equipment … Continued

Guide to Clothes for Hiking

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The outdoors is great fun and hitting the trail lets you free yourself from the daily grind and take time out to relax and de-stress. Hiking is one of the most unique activities in that you don’t need to be … Continued

Guide to the Best Camping Cot

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Sleeping while on your camping trip can be a bit difficult if you aren’t used to being away from your bedroom’s environment. Having the best camping cot can help you acclimate better to the unfamiliar surroundings making easier to fall asleep. The … Continued

What to Wear to Go Hiking

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What to wear to go hiking? This is one of the most popular questions we always receive from those who are looking to get into hiking or are just starting out. I had the same question when in the beginning. … Continued

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