Outdoor Gear: Exped Air Pillow Review

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Product Overview

One of the reasons for this Exped Air Pillow review is that we’ve been asked a lot about lightweight pillows. This is one of the products we like.

The Exped Air Pillow is the very lightweight and solidly built. It is available in three sizes, which are medium, large and XL. The pillow weighs only about 3 ounces, making it something that will fit into a backpacker’s pack. In addition, the Air Pillow is exceptionally sturdy supportive and comfortable.

The pillow is made from an ultra-light and soft polyester fabric that will not irritate the skin and feels silky smooth against the skin. It is also made to keep your head from sliding down through the night which could disturb your slumber. It is available in a red or ruby red color. Plus, a stuff sack is included that will help protect the pillow during transport.

This is the ideal pillow for campers, hikers and backpackers and for those who enjoy spending time in the outdoors. It may be an extra luxury specially for those who are trying to carry light, but it does give you that extra comfort that allows you to sleep through the night. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who has difficulty sleeping well at camp it can make a big difference in quality of rest compared to say a stuffed sack under your head.

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Inflating and Deflating the Pillow

There is just one valve for inflating and another separate one for deflating the pillow. This lets you quickly inflate it with just about two strong breaths. It also features built-in flap that stops air from escaping when it is being inflated. Typically, the pillow will inflate and deflate in a matter of seconds. We like how simple the inflating and deflating process it.

Packaging and Storage

The product is easy to carry and fits nicely inside the hood of a sleeping bag. In addition, it easily rolls up into a small bundle that can be rolled up inside a shirt or inside a sleeping bag. It can also fit into just about any sized bag. The Air Pillow comes with a repair kit so you can patch it up over time. An additional stuff sack is also included which lets you store it when traveling.

Designed for Side Sleepers and Back or Stomach Sleepers as Well

The contoured designed and asymmetrical shape helps the pillow keep its form and keeps the air from shifting, which makes it comfortable to sleep on. The pillow will be relaxing for every type of sleeper and for those who often change their position while sleeping because the firmness is adjustable.

Those who sleep on their side will most likely enjoy sleeping on the higher position of the pillow. For those who sleep on the back or stomach, the lower position of the pillow may be more comfortable.

The majority of users have only praise for this high quality pillow. They claim the comfort level is like no other and say they do not wake up with a stiff neck during camping trips or while backpacking or hiking. Campers, hikers, climbers and backpackers rate this pillow highly and recommend it in overwhelming numbers.

As far as sleep and comfort goes we give it a good review.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is easy to keep the fabric clean. The pillow cannot be washed in a washing machine, but it can be cleaned with a damp cleansing cloth or with a clean cloth and a little soap and water.

The pillow comes with a lifetime warranty and with a 60 day money back guarantee, which eliminates any risk of purchasing this top quality air pillow. It is affordable, comfortable, durable and well-designed.

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Summary of Our Exped Air Pillow Review

The Exped Air Pillow is easy to carry and easy to inflate and deflate and lightweight, which makes it ideal for those who enjoy outdoor adventures such as backpackers, campers and climbers. It you like being comfortable during your overnight outings this is a compact item to including in your gear list.

Exped also produces an ultralight edition which is calls the Exped Air Pillow UL. This is is similar to the Air Pillow but except that the UL is lighter at 2 ounces in weight. You can easily distinguish between the Air Pillow and the Air Pillow UL, which is the ultralight version because the regular version comes in the red color while the ultra-light version is colored yellow.

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