Fun Camping Games for Adults to Play

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Camping is always fun. It is great for kids and adults. There are a million things to do on a camping trip. You can fish, swim, sit around a camp fire talking, and more. However, if you really want to spice things up on your next camping trip, perhaps you should consider playing games. There are a variety of fun kids’ games available, but even better is the many camping games for adults to enjoy. You can even play some of these games after you little campers have gone to sleep.


Daytime Games for Adults

  1. Beersbee: This is unique game for adults that incorporates the all-time favorite games of Frisbee and Horseshoes. You will need to hammer two posts into the ground. It does need a flat surface on the top for you to place a beer bottle or can. If you are not drinking, any can or bottle will work. To play you simply set a bottle on top of the post and the players stand behind one post and try to knock the can off the other post which is 40 feet away. You can determine ahead of time how many cans or bottles must be knocked down by a team to declare a winning team.
  2. Balloon Lift: To play this game is simple. You divide up into pairs, couples work if you have several couples. Put an inflated balloon on the ground in front of each team pair. On go, they will reach down and pick up their balloon and attempt to pop it using only their body. No hands are allowed. The winning team is the first to pop their balloon without their hands.


Nighttime Fun

  1. Glow in the Dark Ring Tosses: Using a glow in the dark necklace or bracelet, a paper plate or newspapers, a cylinder item for the pole. If you do not have anything else, a simple stick will work fine. You will also need to put it into the ground or use modeling clay or play dough to hold your stick in place. Highlight the pole with glow sticks. Then toss your necklaces or bracelets and try to ring the stick. You decide how many ringers are necessary to “win”.
  2. Things that Go Bump in the Night: The more players you have for this game, the better it will be, but you need at least four players. You will then designate two people, one to be the visitor and another to be the curator. The rest of your players will be statues. Statues can move through the darkness around your campfire. Your curator will have the flashlight, the visitor will be walking around trying to catch a statue moving. Once a statue is caught or heard moving around by the visitor, he will become a visitor as well. The winner is determined by who is the last remaining, uncaught statue.


More Traditional Camping Games for Adults

  1. Truth or Dare: This is a party classic and one that any group can play. You don’t need any equipment except the individuals participating in the game. In Truth or Dare, each participant will be take turns in getting asked a question. Usually, the question is of personal nature or something they often aren’t willing to reveal. They then have the option to answer the question truthfully or if not take a dare. The dare can range from anything simple but is often something difficult or embarrassing making it entertaining for the rest of the group. This makes the one being asked think whether or not telling the truth would be the easier choice.
  2. Name that Tune: Based on the popular TV game show that ran from the 1950s until the mid 1980s this game pits teams against each other with a tune or song being played. The objective for each team is to guess the song that’s being played in the time that’s given. In a camp setting this would be really fun if someone knew how to play an instrument like a guitar. But if that isn’t the case, you can easily use a more modern tool like your MP3 player to play the tunes that teams will try to guess.


Play and Enjoy!

When camping, games are a great way to enjoy laughs using team work. If you have a game idea, perhaps one based on the games listed above, do not hesitate to ask others if they want to play. Most of the time, everyone will enjoy a great idea on camping games for adults.


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