Best Air Mattress for Camping

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Sleep is a valuable commodity when out camping. It can also be one of the most difficult things to get when you’re not accustomed to sleeping away from your own bed or room. Air mattresses are about as close as you get to sleeping in a regular bed as far as comfort is concerned. You can choose their size, firmness and thickness to your liking.


Pros and Cons of Camping Air Mattresses

In the campground, these are the kings of comfort when getting quality sleep is the issue. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of these types of sleeping equipment.



  1. These are very comfortable and much thicker than your regular sleeping pads. These give you the extra cushion you need to lie back and relax.
  2. The feel very much like sleeping on your bed. You get to sleep higher above the ground and are able to adjust the firmness of the surface.



  1. Air mattresses are larger and bulkier which make them harder to carry when camping. They take up more room than sleeping bags or foam pads.
  2. Don’t forget to bring the pump if your air bed doesn’t have one built into it. Often inflating them has to be done manually with the pump.
  3. The mattress itself does not provide insulation from the cold. This isn’t an issue during the summer months when weather is warm but during the colder weather using a sleeping pad over it or bringing an extra blanket will be needed to keep you warm.


Tips for Choosing an Air Mattress


Many people do not realize that choosing an air mattress is something that you should put thought into. There are a lot of things that could make or break your comfort level while trying to sleep on an air mattress.

At the surface level, it could be based on something such as the price you are willing to pay, but if you base it solely on that aspect, you could wake up with an aching back.

Consider these things before you shell out, even a little bit of money and you will sleep better on your air mattress whether you are out camping in the woods or in your back yard.


1. Thicker is Better

If you plan to go camping, you should consider a mattress that is made of thicker materials. If your mattress is made of thin or lightweight materials, it may be more likely to puncture on a stick or a rock.

You should also take time to consider who will be sleeping on this air mattress. A small child is lighter than an adult. They are able to sleep comfortably on a mattress that is relatively thin. An adult camper meanwhile, would probably prefer a thicker mattress. As you get older, you will want to get one that is raised up higher than normal. This soothes the back more but also makes it easier to get on the mattress and stand up from it.

In some cases, you may add a mattress topper or a sleeping pad to make your air bed a little thicker. It will give you extra support in areas that may need it the most. The sleeping pad will also act as an insulation layer that will warm you from the cold air that underneath.

To help campers who love the great outdoors, some air beds are listed as all terrain. These mattresses typically have a very sturdy structure that allows them to be comfortable even if you are sleeping on rocks.


2. Choosing the Right Pump

Air beds often have a pump with them when you purchase them. You need to plan ahead and decide whether you want the external pump or one that is built in to the bed. The built in pump is easier to use than the external pumps. However, easy does come with an added cost, so you do need to evaluate which you prefer.


3. Picking the Ideal Size

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes from the twin to the California King. Plan ahead and decide which size you want. A twin size bed may not work for everyone, but not every camper should choose the largest available bed. Remember air mattresses are bulkier than sleeping pads so size needs to be balances with how much space you have to carry it.

In most cases, a queen sized bed is ideal for two people. If you have a child, you may want to venture into a larger sized bed. If you have a child who is able to sleep alone with you on your trip, the twin size bed should be more than adequate for their comfort. If not, you can also get the twin XL, which could be ideal for a teenager.


4. Other Considerations

If you are someone who typically sleeps on their back, you may want a firmer mattress than someone who sleeps on their side. Your personal preference is the best way to determine which is best when it comes to choosing an air mattress. No one can tell you which one is the ideal solution for you. With firmness, a number of products allow you to adjust how firm or soft you want it to be. This gives you the flexibility of being able to set it your preference.


Sleep Well in the Outdoors

The best air mattress for camping offers the most comfort among the different sleeping options. It is thicker, higher and offers more cushion. You compromise with these types of camping beds is size and weight. When being well rested each morning is your priority, these are hard to beat.


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